Lalwani Ferroalloys Ltd.

The company is promoted by Sri Kamal Kishore Lalwani to produce Noble Alloys , Master Alloys and Bulk Alloys. The first Group Company was Lalwani Ferro Alloys (P) Ltd. which was established on 27.11.1986 to manufacture & trade in Ferro Alloys.

Industry Overview :

India's GDP is growing at 9% approx and major investments are towards the Infrastructural development of India. With the rapid growth in Infrastructure growth in the Steel market is inevitable. Ferro Alloys being a basic Raw Material in the making of Steel should see a growth in its consumption.

With the growth in demand for Steel in India we see huge Investments to come to India especially Orissa, Jharkhand and West Bengal. West Bengal has in its pocket few big projects of Steel Making which could soon make it the largest Producer of Steel Making state once these projects are operative. West Bengal is rich in resources and is attracting Big Steel Giants to set up their projects. Once these projects are operative we shall see many folds increase in demands of Ferro Alloys too.

With the rise of Export Taxes for Ferro Alloys in China we see huge demand for Bulk Alloys like Silico Manganese, Ferro Manganese , Ferro Chrome to develop in India. Chineese Ferro Alloys Industry is also suffering from Anty Dumping Duty from many Western Countries which again is added to growth of Ferro Alloys industry.

To sum up with, we feel that we still have lots of potential in the Ferro Alloys market and would like to grow steadily with the growth in the market.

Sandeep Lalwani


image 1 Director:
Mr. Kamal Lalwani

Mr. Sundeep Lalwani

image 1 Head Office :
32 Jawaharlal Nehru Road,
OM Towers , Suit No 205
Kolkata : 700 071
Phone : +91 33 2226 3680 / 81
              +91 33 2226 3753
Fax : +91 33 22263754
Email :

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